Tuesday, March 25

No-sense apology

'For If I were to die today
God let this place be my roof
With the carpet of cloud beneath my feet
and the riveting sky beyond my eye
God, let my soul fly in
cause I want to cry
tears of remorse
-at words unspoken
-actions undone
-smiles taken away
-laughter mocked thy way
-Pretending to be yours forever to stay
when I wasn't even mine together each day
-remembering every detail of tiding the bay
-charming every evil and prince's alike as my play
When I knew it wouldn't last
So let me pay
throughout my life
they may: castigate, reprimand,
I redress, obey
So help me God to stay in this alcove of serenity's
To find a way before I castigate my sin
To another day or at least pray...

I am yet to understand what I have just written... my fingers flew over the keyboard to form these words... Don't know how to make a coherent text out of this interplay...