Friday, June 15

My definition of Friendship

Noooo I hadn't wanted to write this ever but am being emotionally blackmailed and coerced into writing this...

A friend of mine told me something yesterday which aptly sums up my views on friendship
"A true friend is someone who can make me feel secure, happy about my incompleteness and when am walking in the rain can differentiate my tears from rain..."
I love walking in the I have had numerous occasions where my tears go unnoticed, and I like it that way, but the dreary of life is that even though I like it that way, my hope still desires that special someone who can distinguish that tear...who could read my eyes and say you are crying..Cause if you ever notice the eyes always change colour when you cry...they are red:)

What wouldn't make me a good friend would be my listening or understanding skills...whether or not I am a nice person or not...whether I am impatient or not...what would matter would be how well we understand each other...Its like knowing the mood swings without saying...Its about not having to constantly explain yourself... its about making each other secure as a person by sharing your incompleteness... Its not about being there in the happier times, when everyone else is available... Its about being taken for granted, that when it rains and pours, you'd be the umbrella...the rest months you are forgotten....

The one with whom your worst pj's come out, the one with whom you embarrass yourself the most, the one whose daily routine you know like could constantly bug about doing something, you could call yell and hangup without reason :)

I know it's like asking for perfection but what I mean is ADORATION :)

Wednesday, June 13

Romancing the rain

My love story with the rain began when I was very young...I discovered it as a part of my genes... Around my birthday time when I was five it had rained very hard that day...There was a hailstorm... I remember my mom asking me whether I'd like to get wet with her... I don't remember much, but am sure I fell in love with it that very day...

The dripping of water from the higher leaves to the lower, as if tradition, heritage being passed from an older generation to a younger...
The fragrance of wet soil turned into mud, acts like an analgesic to the hound like nose in search of purity of real aromatic short to soothe your soul...
Pitter-patter Pitter-patter the sound....its enchants u, mesmerizes u...It brings to u a music, a tune which is not a melody, is not a jingle nor can u hum it, but u get lost in it...
The flowers....they drink in every drop of water as if quenching their thirst of eternity...

The tranquil mood, the dark sky, the cool wind blowing its like a high...without the addictives, a natural high which spell bounds u forever...

I love the rains , and my favorite quote is undoubtedly
"I love walking in the Rain...NO one can see me cry"
For me rain is my best friend, my philosopher, my guide... I am never alone with it...

Try something when u are alone and its raining try getting wet...U will never feel alone again :)

Tuesday, June 5


Well I wanted to write a post, but am suffering from a block...Unfinished drafts, stories and words... But still wanted to write let me complete post a 'complete-it-forward' as a tag...:)

One thing about the person who sent u this: Well she knows am useless so she tries to get even, but Babes remember 'It isn't your fault, I just said I am going to blame you ;).

One thing U hate in urself: Am perfect , and perfection cannot be improved :D

Two things u'd do by ur next birthday: NOoooo my birthday is coming, so it'd be complete a book, and spend one day without yapping.

Two things u want to have been changed by ur birthday: can i push my birthday a little away?!? my block and my talkathon habit..

Three things u could say to the kid who worships u:
1) Be ur own self, everyone else is taken
2) Always listen to other people first
3) I am a friend, not a God don't worship me, walk with me am not leading u

Three things for your soul:
1) am not as bad as I think I am.
2) come on learn not to get depressed so easily
3) SHUT UP!!!!!

Four things for an Ideal lover/husband/boy friend:
Intelligent - most primary
2) Caring- a rare specie
3) Understanding- am blessed with friends of this kind, but ur partner also has to be so
4) Attitude- can't tolerate someone without loads of attitude

Four things that u have and will give me: Babes u r far more gifted than me!!! anyhows
1) My watch collection- admit it, mine is rocking!!
2) My brains- u have a dearth of that ;)
3) My Ability to talk a mile a minute
4) My book addiction

Five things u hate in others:
1) Arrogance
2) Superiority complex
3) Insecurity
4) Bad memory about people/relations
5) Misunderstanding people

Five things u r scared of :
1) Insects eeks
2) loosing my loved ones
3) Being misinterpreted
4) being angry

Six under known facts about u:
1) am a truly perfect bluffer... I can lie straight faced
2) am a great cook, even though i say it
3) I can spend hours without yapping
4) I am a die hard traditionalist
5) I am a arrogant head strong and short tempered person
6) I am the laziest person on planet earth

Six things u want the world to say about u:
1) she can talk, but not nonsense
2) she's really caring
3) awesome taste !!!
4) she has class friends (people do say it ;) )
5) ok so she's not a flirt
6) I Like Her (lol)

People I forward this too (ok tag here)
Abi (rolu polu)
Voice (Bhav)

am sure no one would write it :)

Friday, June 1

By best buddies :)

OK this is long long overdue.... My tributes to my close friends, I dont name them, but am sure they can figure themselves out... lol am not gonna just praise them, I promise :D

The Chocolate: This person is a true chocolate, smooth, addictive, sweet, velvety... is a superb listener but a very bad adviser....u share ur problems and this person after ur finishing will try to change the topic to such silly things in attempt to make u smile :)...but if this person thinks its worth its salt then, this person would give u advice...but never discuss it... Well a real real mature person whose too scared of getting too old... Is a delight to be caring so patient that u'll end up thinking whether its real or u are dreaming...knows a real great deal about me...

The Fragrance: it stays, it fills u with a sweet smell and keeps u fresh...its classy stylish... once U have this person it'll stick no going anywhere... but like all things this person is not expressive...u won't know where u stand with it...or where this person stand with u... But one day without talking to this person is impossible....inevitable... A supremely
great adviser with great discussion skills, but weaker listening skills...the reason I guess is because it won't stand u being upset ... If it could, it'd move hell and heaven to make u happy... The only person who can argue with me and make me say i give up... Very's voice is a mirror of its feelings...probably knows the most about me

The Book: u have to read between lines to understand this introvert to the core, its suave and cool, but once u start talking unbends towards the end.... Again an awesome listener and by far the bestest adviser i have known...God so patient so calm that it makes my tantrums seem like none at all!!!!! but very very under-confident of itself...never would share himself till u use emotional blackmailing...Again not expressive at all, but there 24/7...but its priorities are set...very impulsive...knows me a lot but understands me more....really sweet and always tries to change my stubborn view about something

The Toy: Is adorable, a real baby, immature, sensitive handle with care....demands ur attention patience and time...but is damn sweet....understanding on a different level...a restricted thought process...u can't change her rigid beliefs...but caring, compassionate, honest critic...we've been childhood buddies so know what to expect no ego hassles nothing... a little competitive she is, but now its acceptable

The wonder: Am amazed we gossip about everything, talk about everything, shares its problems and everything but i had never even thought about sharing...Recently I got myself in a stupid muddle...and to my amazement this person was there to solve it in a jiffy with ease no questions asked, no issues just support!!!! am so surprised till now that i cant even some the thing...but one thing for sure a die-hard flirt and one of the best cupids and dil-ka-docs available!!!!

So my closest friends who happen to make me feel luckiest of all Thanks for being there