Friday, June 15

My definition of Friendship

Noooo I hadn't wanted to write this ever but am being emotionally blackmailed and coerced into writing this...

A friend of mine told me something yesterday which aptly sums up my views on friendship
"A true friend is someone who can make me feel secure, happy about my incompleteness and when am walking in the rain can differentiate my tears from rain..."
I love walking in the I have had numerous occasions where my tears go unnoticed, and I like it that way, but the dreary of life is that even though I like it that way, my hope still desires that special someone who can distinguish that tear...who could read my eyes and say you are crying..Cause if you ever notice the eyes always change colour when you cry...they are red:)

What wouldn't make me a good friend would be my listening or understanding skills...whether or not I am a nice person or not...whether I am impatient or not...what would matter would be how well we understand each other...Its like knowing the mood swings without saying...Its about not having to constantly explain yourself... its about making each other secure as a person by sharing your incompleteness... Its not about being there in the happier times, when everyone else is available... Its about being taken for granted, that when it rains and pours, you'd be the umbrella...the rest months you are forgotten....

The one with whom your worst pj's come out, the one with whom you embarrass yourself the most, the one whose daily routine you know like could constantly bug about doing something, you could call yell and hangup without reason :)

I know it's like asking for perfection but what I mean is ADORATION :)


ek ajnabi said...

"A true friend is someone who can make me feel secure, happy about my incompleteness and when am walking in the rain can differentiate my tears from rain..."
well deepsikha, first one to write a comment on this one;
happy about my incompleteness, what if he(i hope) makes you feel complete rather than is happy about your incompleteness

Deepshikha Saraf said...

:) ah well this is about friends, not a companion so it could very well be a he or she...doesnt make a differnce :)

Well no one can complete your incompleteness... Its a part of u...what u r not u can never be, so a true friend, for me, would be someone who makes me secure about myself... :)

abhishek said...

are u talking abt friend or boy friend[;)]
let me c if i fit into it or not.[;)][:D]

Shaurabh Bharti said...

girls often disguise themselves.. just like here.. you're actually for a boyfriend.. but what all u could mention is just a "good friend"..

PS : is it so hard to confess? :-\

Deepshikha Saraf said...

abi: Its about my friend only :D and u fit the friend tag no way close to my boy friend tag :D ;)

Saurabh: Hi...was missing u on Abi's blog :D
Aha no cliche's no boyfriend business...only friends best friends good friends either :D
so hard luck...
Confessions are easier than denials :)

Voice said...

hi funda :P

listening is important
making u feeling secure is more important
[for me and u also said]

but above all there shud be no rules
becoz no rules can be followed when you talk abt friends

a deaf person can be ur friend, a pet can be ur friend, even some non living thing can be ur friend..

dil ko achha lagna chahiye.. bus

Deepshikha Saraf said...

hai voice... heard u busy with of luck with them :-) thanks for commenting