Wednesday, November 26



I want to be by your side,
Your smile  is beckoning me
Your eyes caressing me
Your laughter tickling me
Your silence speaking to me
Your touch igniting me
Your breath becoming mine
Where begins you and end I

I want to be alone with you,
I am me
Only yours to be
I play with sand
Unwittingly it become the face of thee
I walk in the water.
Waves assure me
That you are the shore
And me the sea,

That the love rises and falls
Meets and calls
From me to you,
and You to me

Where the wind ruffles my hair,
like you did the night in mere,
telling me of more to come,
Hiding the secrets and keeping mum

Where the sounds calm me,
Like your heart beat did,

Where the smells hold me, entice me
With promises like your arms did..

I want never to wake up
be always yours forever, together,
With your hands in mine,
And your lips on mine...
The dreams so real,
The real so surreal
The fulfillment so deep
The love so divine,
that my feelings are yours,
and your heart is forever