Friday, February 29

Hair today, gone with the snips

I completely hate going to a salon... I mean simply hate it...
Well why?
I'd not be completely correct if I say its only because I am not to fussy about my looks, or I prefer my natural beauty.. I don't believe in chemical or artificial beauty... All This do form a major part of my reasoning... I sincerely do believe that salon's are for grooming... One doesn't need a makeover... But then that means for personal grooming like a haircut, or a manicure blah blah things you do need to visit a salon, then why do I hate it so much?

Well I agree all women are fixated with the salon.. Give them the freedom and they'd spend half a day every week there, or so it is said; but do you know its not because they think that a weekly salon trip would improve their looks, it is because of the clever marketing ploy used by the Salon staff...

I hate marketing?
I don't hate a salon cause they market what they went to sell, everybody wants marketing, but I don't like what their marketing strategies do to a females ego... Trust me, even the most self confident female, who knows she is beautiful, or a female like me who gives pennies to her looks, and cares little when people put in their two bits about the face, because its the person that matters, have a second thought...
Guys who are reading this, it is not funny...!!!

I'll tell you how this thing works... What happens is that you go into a salon for lets say a haircut, and that to just for a trim.. You see the others getting too much done, someone on the face, or hands, others, many, all... Then and there itself your defenses meet 'waxed' floors... They start slipping...
Then you are taken for your hair wash ( Mind you a 'proper' salon always thinks you have lived your life as a rowdy youngster or a hippie and you can't wash your hair properly, hence even if you have washed it that morning, they'll redo it.) The first question is, "Mam which shampoo do you use..?" You say the one you do... "Tch tch Tch... " **looking extremely displeased** "What happened??" you make a mistake of asking, "Mam, it just doesn't suit your hair, its not your type only... It will make your hair dryer.." "oho" , "You should use this, followed by this conditioner, in the way I am going to wash your hair..."
The damage is done... Oh God! I have been damaging my hair? But I don't think its bad but they treat the best hairs, so they know better, or do they?
Next comes the hair cut... Mam which style do you want? You suggest that new look you were dying to get or say you want a simple trim... That my friend is the biggest sacrilege... "Well you know mam, that style has been out for years" "you have a longish face and since your features are not very sharp why don't you take this? at least that will bring some getup to your face..."
He starts snipping
"Mam why don't you take care of your skin? Look at the area around your lips, they are darkly tanned? even your boyfriend will wonder!!" and you go HUH! what?
Seeing you speechless at his audacity to suggest that, he works his charm (read sales trick) in... We have this amazing herbal facial comprising of aloe, sandal etc, they will leave your skin peaches cream in a very short while, and then you'd become the temptress..."

Oh o, the 'waxed' floor was already slippery, you had started slipping, and now you are precariously balancing your feet...

"Mam we have a very new shade in hair color touch up your hair with them, your hair would become very smooth, and silky, it would shine like Kajols..."

"Mam your nails are yellowing!!" Hello my nails are painted red!! " that's what mam, use if nail polish will cause your nails to suffocate with the lack of oxygen and start yellowing, and we have this very nice aroma therapy manicure, that would defoliate your tired palms, and make them soft like a babies, tr it mam, you deserve it."

"Mam with all the treatment you have done, why leave the part which carries your burden the most , your feet, unpampered? Mam they deserve your care, you'll deserve the cracks and then how will you walk?"

We think, Oh God! have I been that negligent? **looking around** every female is getting something done, sheesh!!! am I being tricked b battering of my self respect and ego? or is it true? I think true, its such a huge salon, it doesn't need my money, they treat the celebs so they know best... might as well....

So the ladies end up spending half their days, and well their earnings or ahem the better(richer) half's bank balance, to yet another month when they'd encounter a new split end to trim...

Sunday, February 24

Writers Block!!

Well the title suggests that I take myself to be a writer, though some times I doubt that fact by large...
Typical question from my friends when I finally conclude my thoughts (but I dont get irritated I love it, as it gives me another chance to think.)
Well...solely because:
1) I don't think I have very great vocabulary- my use of words are limited, and I cant find better words to express my thoughts,
2) Gift of expression- the flamboyance to easily understate the emotions, to play with thoughts, to create lasting images are truly not my forte...
3) Creativity and me don't match- One force you have to reckon with when u sit to write something is gremlin of an idea, for that u need to be inspired or conceptualise, to race that broad winger horses in your head.. And well I dont have horses in my head :)
4) Sense of humour- Well no explanations needed here, everybody knows I am a seriously serious person, with a bad or non-existent funny bone.

Only thing which proves I am a writer, is this block I have which prevents me from writing anything bearing a semblance to a line... Hence am on a undesired extended vacation :)

Try and Miss me ;-)

Monday, February 18

Can't be your valentine

Don't care for me so much,
I might get used to it...

Don't come so close to me,
I might not be able to

Don't put so much faith in me,
I might not be able to handle it...

Don't be a part of my life,
I won't be able to live without it

Don't make me fall for you,
I may not be able to get up after it

Don't come into my life,
If you have to
One day

Don't give me hope,
That its forever to stay...

Cause love is an emotion;
I ain't know how to hide..
When it won't be reciprocated,
It will hurt deep inside..

Don't start something,
I wont be able to end

Don't make me believe
That you can be more than a friend...

Cause at the end of it
I don't want to hear you say,
" I am sorry, but I never felt the same..."

Monday, February 4

Innocent conversations

Hi, Adya why didn't your papa come to your dance show?

My parents are divorced Rishi, and my dad stays in Vizag hence he couldn't come... Are your parents also divorced? your momma wasn't there at the show either.?

No, my mummy is at God's house, she is visiting him since I was 2years old. Dad says now that I am 7, She may come back with a new makeover, like they show on TV nah... So I am waiting for her to come. Do you meet your dad?

Yes I do meet him, when papa comes in that small plane of his to meet me or when he comes down for work... I know since momma papa don't love each other anymore, they don't taste each others coffee to check how is it, I know I can't meet him everyday...
Lets sit on the stairs and wait till kaku comes to pick me up.. Who is coming to pick u up? Your Papa or your Tai?

So you don't miss your papa? You don't miss sitting on his lap when he come back from office and gets toys or toffees or has man-to-man chat, oh how can you have a man-to-man chat, you are silly girl...

Ae I am not silly boys are silly..
Don't in-in-...whats the word.... haaaan interput when I am talking, ok? Even I will not do interputing when u talk...

What does interput mean?
Ufff you don't even know that, means talk in middle when big people are talking...
Ok...cluck cluck...

Haan so do you not want to meet him more fast ? I cant meet momma because papa says God's country is far, and Papa also comes very late sometimes and then goes out using nice nice perfumes, I think he is in love, and my momma dead... I think he is finding me a new momma, and is scared to tell me, but I am a big boy, Indu Tai, my househelp who takes care of me, told me...she will only come to pick me up...

Ok... somedays mummy comes to pick me up....many days just Shantaram kaku, my driver uncle... I miss papa a lot... Papa keeps telling mummy to send me with him to Vizag... He even tells her that she can put me on the Big plane, not papa's small plane, and papa will pick me up from the Hangar...Nooo nooo airport.... But mummy never allows... She doesn't understand that even though she doesn't love papa anymore, I love him very much... Mummy is selfish.. She wants me all the time to her... I think I understand mummy doesn't want to loose me, or is scared I might make new friends in Vizag or papa will give me so many chocolates that I will not comeback to her, but she is wrong... Papa will take care of me... She says papa has so much work, he can't take care of me, and will leave me to servants who will take care of me, but even she does so when she is busy... Papa is not bad, mummy may not trust him, I do... even I want to spend time with Papa... (starts weeping)

Don't cry, don't cry... Maybe your dad never told your momma that he wants you to go there. He may be feeing ki Momma will refuse, or she had told judge uncle that only you stay with her that is why he also doesn't ask... Or maybe momma may think you are a little girl and you don't understand their divorce and it will make u cry for your dad and momma to be together... She loves you if not your dad... Grown-ups think we bachchalog don't understand big big problems, but we are 7 year olds, bachcha are 4 year olds... Look I am having a small small beard on my face...

Sniff Sniff Sniff.... You are right, my papa maynot have asked also...I will tell papa to ask... I will also tell momma that undersit and will always love her like my old mumma and will not want a new mumma...

Sob Sob Sob....( Rishi is running away) Rishi! wait.... Rishi! where are you running....

I am running because big boys don't cry and I am crying...I want also a momma... I know my momma is dead... Nobody comes from Gods place... I am ready to love a new momma whom dad also loves... Your momma is not selfish, my dad is... He doesn't want to share his love with me... I am very sad... I also want a momma who I can
hug when I scrape my knee, or who can stand up when Avik bully's me, who makes nice nice lunch to me... Even though my own momma is with God, I will love my new momma also... I will be good to her... When dad comes homes late or goes out on business trips I feel very scared that he might not come back... I want to sleep without crying... but nobody understands that...

Stupid, boys also cry, my papa does whenever he has to say Bye to me... And your papa must be seeing if your new momma loves you also...Some women are very bad like my neighbour...she slaps and scolds her son...Your papa loves you so much that he doesn't want you to see all that... Even my papa takes care of me... Dont worry one day you'll get your momma, and I will go to my papa's place and stay with him...

" Adya come here to mumma..."
"Rishi!! Dads here son..."

When did you come?
When did you come?

"A while back son"
"Long Back princess"