Tuesday, December 2

Three Mistakes Of My Life.... Errrrrr

Ok ok before I hear the end of it, Yes I know I make too many mistakes, so it can't be just three mistakes of my life, hence revised title is Three Current Mistakes Of My Life...

1# 'You know Ma,  there are these very few times, when I don't feel all that fine, I mean nothing major though, a niggling backache again, I guess my liver problem comes back every now and then, and I have these recurring mild, very mild headaches a little, I have an abscess on my right leg, I guess it pains a little, and...' 
(Women, when they start talking they completely ignore the other sounds, like the warning bells ringing loudly, and shrilly in their ears, forecasting impeding danger, and that's what happened to me.)
'Ma, why do we have to go to the doctor?? I mean come on Ma, it's not fair! Can't I trust you a with a little secret, I am just not well a L-I-T-T-L-E, I mean I am not dying for God's sake yaa.'
(Damn, this is why women are cursed for talking to much, the memory of my mums raised eyebrows, still silences me in mid-speech now.)
" Silky, as far as I remember I had prescribed certain medicines the last time..."
'No, no you hadn't, you just checked Mom...'
Oh yes you had, and she very well didn't remember to take them - complained mom yet again.
'Ah, Ma, technically speaking, if you remembered, then doesn't the logic say, that you remind me to it...???'
Yeah right, as if you're a 12 year old kid now!!!
(Mum's you can't understand them, through out the time she was cribbing that I am a kid, and all my health doubts should be addressed by the doc immediately, and now in a span of few seconds I am no longer a kid! Help! My mind is also slowing down!!!!)
After a healthy dose of arguments, counterarguments, and emotional (Emphasis on emotional, not practical or moral) lectures later, it was decided that my poor, little, innocently lazy and relaxed lifestyle was the cause of it all...
 ( tch tch tch my doctor had went! Christ! I am 21, allowed to have bad lifestyle...)
"You wake up at 6.30 in the morning, have breakfast at 12 in the afternoon, laze around the whole day, yapping with your cell precariously balanced between your ear and your shoulders, you are eating all the wrong food at the wrong time, you have dinner at 8, sleep at 12, read books lying down, do not take medicines, do not report pain... " 
(Sorry I had been driven into a very small hole, and was feeling claustrophobic, So don't remember the stream of the discussion, just the clincher end...) 
Imagine beta, how bad will Mummy feel ki, because of her bad health you don't take care of your health and fall sick, she will feel she's not a good mother...
(I can still see the wolfish-smile-of I-got-the-cat kinds on their faces...)

Result of my Mistake- I have to take my medicines everyday, I have to have break fast by 10, meals every 4 hours, I cannot lie down and read book, I have to sleep by 10.30, I have no right to yell at mom or bro again for not taking care of their health.. The list is endless... 
(This helped yaar, I feel as fit as a 60 year old grandma now, I have aged gracefully!)

#Second mistake :- Shanti, do you think I am looking fat? "Actually no, I mean yeah a little, pehle se thori moti toh ho gayi ho..."
Mooommm do you think I am looking fat? "Glad you realise it beta, you have become very fat, look at yourself, you don't even fit in your old clothes, when you were in school you were decent, normal types, ab dekho, koi kaam-vaam toh karna hain nahi, din bhar phone, pc, and books, your life has become so sedentary, lazy and auntieji types... " Oh she went on, I just stopped listening, and tried calling someone else, who would tell me I am not looking bad, so I could rest in peace, but tragically nobody helped.
So I decided to visit a few gyms to find out ways to loose some 'puppy fat'...  I just  got too lazy to go, hence dropped the idea...
The kicker came when I was getting ready for a wedding along with my brother, who just comments, "Don't walk with me you know, I am still single, if you walk with me people might assume you to be my wife!!!" :-( 
(Audacity, trust me, I haven't been so embarrassed, because he actually kept teasing me throughout and kept saying do something, do something, he's bloody 5 years older than me!!!)

Result of my mistake:- I now walk for an hour everyday, at a park everyday (just highlighting everyday again) Me and walk :-( That too with all the gossipy-bitchy-we-are-young-page 3ites of my locality in a park, I don't even get the car to drop me off at the park!!! I am not fed with strawberry ice-creams, shakes anymore,  my friends are like if I had a boyfriend, he'd refuse to to be seen out with me... :(

#Third Mistake :- That I thought I could introduce two friends, and have them behave as friends. I introduced two friends, hopefully because they were discussing comments via me, so I thought why not introduce the two of them, and make my life simple. But alas, this is why lack of experience of life comes in. I should have known better, they created a monster gang against me!!! One asked me to shut up, the other called me names, they were discussing whether I am an attitude throwing person, or high maintenance. They were dissecting me, in front of me, as if I didn't exist! They discuss their love life, and work life, their food and their mood amongst them... They forgot me :( 
Tch tch tch...

The result- Now I am bitched about and ragged openly, and now both of them have more time to talk to each other, than talk to me... :( 
They forgot me, I repeat.

So now with a wiser heart and a braver mind, I set my life's journey, while keeping my mind, and contact book, FIRMLY shut!!!