Wednesday, May 13

Love Letter

My Dear ----------

Today I am torn between your need of wanting me to be there with you, and my pain of realising my demeanor has left you wanting more. As the case seems I have never left your side, I have always, will always be there for you. it's not that I have an option not to, but I chose not to have an option. My Love for you was a reason, my respect for you was the reason's reason.

You have held yourself high in all trying and testing times, weakened only when you feared loosing me, this strength is what I derived my strength from. How can I leave your side, when it's the side I draw sight from, I draw sense from. How could I not be on your side when trials and tribulations hit you on your face, when I am the one to be protecting your beutiful face from scars and pains. How could I not be on your side, when you would have not been in the mess that you are, had I not been on your side?

The love as we so call it, doesn't have a definition, I don't know why I love you, I don't know what is Love, if I were to be asked whether I loved you, I'd say yes, but would I mean it, I don't know. All I know is that I want to spend all my waking moments with you, I want to be the pain in your life, I want to be the balm to it too. I want you to be the guiding light in my life, even if you loose the way and not ask for directions. I want you to be the touch I feel, even though I brand you as insensitive. I want you to be my fashion critic, even though I think your dressing sense would scare off Govinda. I want you to be my smile, even though the tears are given by you.

The first thought that strikes me when I do something, is not whether God would approve, or my family would pat me on my ack, but whether you'd nod your head in approval and support. The first thought that strikes me when I am mean, or I bitch is whether you'd say that you are disappointed.
I am by your side because I need you, like I need my independence, like I need to communicate, like I need to read, like I need to express, like I want to live.

So don't ever ask me to be there, I am already there...

again the cliché :)

Yours Forever..

Sunday, May 3

Come Back to Me

With bated breath
I wait for you,

The lights dim my eye
My body crippled with desire.
My senses all dimmed,
My underbelly on fire.

I have waited long,
For that touch
or that song,

The porcelain skin you caressed
Baked to clay
The Brown locks you cajoled
Aged to Gray.

When I had you,
I loved you
But it was never enough.
Your beauty enchanted me,
Your rhythms mesmerised me,
Your touch emboldened me,
Your smell aroused me,
But it was never enough.

You came into my life,
Like a season out of time,
You swept me off my feet,
The poetry of it all
Skipped many a beat.

I took you as mine,
your love divine,
but the feelings didn't last
because a child grows up
and wants a different treat.

You felt my withdrawal
and made a retreat,
leaving me to face the heat.

The heat of the desire,
The smell of your skin
The pulse of my beat,
The  need to be akin

Your absence extinguished that light
The candle wept itself to death.
The wick refused to catch fire
And the doll melted away...

Your beauty was all understated
It was the Rose without the scent
Your virtue was the fragrance
My love for you was the Colour

It wasn't your beauty which enthralled me,
that was just my body.
It wasn't your virtue that captured me,
that was just my ethics.
It wasn't your smell that aroused me,
It was an artificial turn on.
It wasn't your eyes that arrested me,
that was just my vision.

The compelling need,
The burning desire,
The dimmed senses,
The jaded heart,
The broken Smiles,
The perennial tears,
The aftermath of your retreat,
The longing and never loving
Arises from what made our love so strong.

Arises From your pure heart,
that was washed with the morning dew,
nourished by the mountain rains,
protected by the Goddess of sea,
trusted by me.

So come back to me
and let the sun loose its heat
let the leafs quench their thirst
let peasants smile
let mountains divide
let oceans be wide,
let me be yours,
forever yours.

For I love You
and I always will

Come back to me.
Come back to me...