Friday, January 25

Random thoughts collected

This morning I woke up to a mildly surprising weather... Till yesterday me and my poor city were plagued from scorching heat in the middle of January, the so-called-coldest-month of the seasonal cycle of my city... On waking up today I discovered an overcast condition, minimum sunlight and cool or shall I say cold breeze blowing... Its one of those few sudden weather changes here... It was a nice weather and nice morning... While I was thinking of a nice morning, with cool winds caressing me, possibility of a shower to take some toll of the rising mercury, and clean the dust laden flora and architecture, along with having a similar affect on the cob-web shackled and dust coated minds and souls of men and women, there were some for whom this was signal of gloom... I came out of my room only to hear my bro muttering under his breath, that such overcast conditions, cold winds a possibility of rain, his suggestion was it that it was a dampener to the spirits, seemed gloomy and sad... The cold winds signified the absence of warmth, and brought about a loneliness, the winds slapped your face as a punishment for a crime not committed, or not know to have been committed... The rains in the winter numbs the body, in turn numbs your feelings, which nowadays very rarely comes to the surface...

I was left thinking how very different human interpretations of a given situation is... That is a very coarse truth, and truth it seems is stranger than fiction... What the human mind believes is unnerving...Like a simple weather conditions raised my mood a 100 times, it dampened somebody Else's spirit 100 times... Somebody could call me dark, deep person whom pain, sorrow gloom attracts, or a person who lives life happy in the worst of situations... Its a matter of ones viewpoint... As I always say when u think too much of what others think about u, u end up thinking all those things which they can never think about u...

Why do we think so much? What goads our actions so much? Why do we have a reaction, an opinion on just about every situation, yet we can never express our feelings our emotions, which truly deserve words well? Well my logic say its probably because of the insecurity, the vulnerability of exposing our sensitive and naked yearnings to anyone, of being silently affected or to show people our weak spots, cause we genuinely have convinced ourselves that in this materialistic and egoistical and me-better world, every one has an open dagger to make our wounds bigger, and if not have a UV camera to capture those spots, as a bargaining counter... But look around you is the world really that bad? Yours friends are not, your family is not, so may somebody Else's relations, learn to trust again... Another reason is the ego of thinking if he doesn't show his feeling why shall I? When one doesn't realise is that somebody else may need an effort to do the same, or is waiting for the other to begin?

Another question plaguing me is that am I truly this psycho, or do I have days off when I write such dark depressing tales... Any answerer's?

Sunday, January 13

Eating out in cal part 2

I had totally forgotten about some which deserved mention before all I had mentioned... So here they are:

Aheli - Peerless Inn- Chowringee
Suruchi: Park Street
If you are in Cal, and love to try out cuisines then you cannot miss this place for the bestest Bengali food in town. If you want authentic bengali food then you have wo options - visit a bangali baari, or comedown to Aheli or Suruchi for the traditional cooked meal... From cholaar dal to langcha, too shuktho to macher jhol, to benguni, all the traditional items retaining their individual flavours... Its an experience in itself...
Cuisine: Bengali
My pick: Cholaar daal, loochi, Alur dum
Pocket Pinch: 1200 for 2

Backside of New Market-Esplanade, park street end
Authentic mughlai non-veg food, famous for its most traditional methods and authenticity of taste...vastly non-veg and very very basic... Nothing swanky... Can't say much, as I have heard about them, never tasted being a vegetarian... try Rehmania, Shiraj, Aminia or even the lesser known ones... The best Biryani's are told to be made there..
Cuisine: Mughlai
My Pick: -
Pocket Pinch Rs 300-400 for 2

Trinca's: Below Park Hotel Park Street
Has a little bit of every cuisine, is good try for me, but some people acually swear by this... Again the nostalgia, the old Cal charm...
Cuisine: Multi Cuisine
My Pick- changes menu very frequently
Pocket Pinch: 700 for 2

Kathi Rolls: Park street, Near Tewari A.J.C. Bose Road
Kebabs wrapped in flour doughs, made to perfection... I guess Calcutta is synonymous with Kathi Rolls and if you leave the city without trying these, then probably you havent visited the city, or are a vegetarian like me... This needs no doubt search it, try it...A trip to cal without it is a waste.
Cuisine: street food
My Pick: -
Pocket Friendly: Rs 30 a roll

Kewpies: Elgin Road
Again a traditional vegetarian and non-vegeterarian Bengali thali's served on Banana leafs in traditional Bengali Bhoj... Another favourite
Cuisine: Bengali
Pocket Friendly: 400 for 2

Little Italy- Fort Knox Camac Street
The most amazing place to be, authentic Italian, amazing food... when u think Italian its a very simple cuisine, and most people manage to make it taste good, but the perfect texture, colour and taste, to make u remember that seven hills country, so famous for its Pizza and Pisa, you need a trip to this place to know what I mean...
Pocket hole of Rs 700 for 2
Cuisine : Italian
My Pick: Margaretha Pizza and just about most pasta's

Gautams: Near the Airport, AE block Salt lake
The bestest coffee's in town, well fine I am exaggerating but a nice place to hangout, great cold coffee, nice snacks and good crowd... All u need to have a car or bike because well this is a stall not a restaurant :D
Cuisine:Street food
My Pick: Cold Coffee, chilli babycorn, and paneer pakora

Saturday, January 12

Dear diary part 6

Dear diary

Sometimes I keep wondering how is it when you understand someone completely, when someone understands you enough to know that your actions which may hurt them are not intentional... Everybody have issues in their life... You may know them, you may not... When you know their issues and understand them, it gets even more difficult when they hurt you, to draw reason... Because then you are torn between loyalty and hurt. Your loyalty to understanding them, they reacted because they are hurt, because they are so trapped, that they snap at very little things, but on the same time you are trapped with that deep hurt for them not understanding that even you share the same position with them. You also have issues which are common, which are your personal...Which they may know, which they may not. Yet they fail to understand when you are upset, when you snap out, reasonably unreasonably. It hurts you to think that they don't understand you. But what hurts deeper is when they go a step ahead and lay blames and accusations on your door. They call you heaven alone knows what not. Sometime a person who doesn't know how to smile or enjoy, a person who sucks out happiness in whichever place they are, short tempered, arrogant, rude, cruel, jinked...They'll say you don't understand, you just want happiness, you can't understand sorrow, you being immature... Maybe they are right, maybe your defense is just too high... Maybe you don't accept that their criticism is not baseless, is not without reason, its you who are without reason. You suck happiness from every room, you ruin small ,moments of sharing happiness, so what if you try to create some, but they snap out then, so what if you try and joke and dance, and talk and smile always, but still you have no right to be upset or show it, so what if whatever you do is wrong, its nothing, so what if you are ungrateful for whatever they have done for you, YOU have to learn to understand, for thats how the dice roles, in all relations their has to be compromise, there has to be understanding, compassion and a common thread called love bonding you all...

Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be a wimp, a person on the brink of becoming a looser- a failure. When the backbone of determination falls, it brings along with itself self doubt, self questioning, embarrassment which borders on public humiliation, loss of motivation to achieve something, and a constant desire to fade away... Someone who sees no future, no road, no sense of direction, but many multiple bays, to choose another way...When you have to many options open to yourself, such that when you try and motivate yourself and go ahead with something the lack of guts to complete it, makes you take an easy option- The Way Out... When you sometimes wonder does the universe actually conspire to give you what you want? Do you actually need to keep forgetting the past hurt to let new hurt to settle in?

Sometimes I think... Diary I have decided I am not going to read anymore of those dark self-help-thought-provoking-view-invoking books... Its risky yaar, lest I become a dull depressing brooding person like them....EEEEEKKKKSSS!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO
I am closing all my brains...aaaa...I mean books... Its back to brainless, eeesh I mean, thoughtless, no I mean happy go lucky kind of Mills-and-Boons and Men-Are-From-Mars-Women-From-Venus...

See I am not that immature, I do think, what say ;)


Wednesday, January 9

Eating out in Cal

I swear I hate the name Kolkata, no for no reasons, its just that I don't like my favourite things being altered for no rhyme or reason... So the thing is, I was going to Delhi, and one of my Delhite friends send me a blog address for the best places to eat in Delhi... Well I am not that a blogger, nor a foodie, but ya, I do have my favourite places to eat... Along with this I'd name a few more 'famous places' which u should try in Cal, well probably because there is nothing much to do otherwise... Warning contains only vegetarian places!!!!

Well I am not gonna arrange it in any semblance order, its just a list of places I remember...

#Sonar Gaon- The Taj Bengal, Belvedere Road
Well this always featured in my favourite paradises, but ranked a bit lower than Zaranj and Raj and Kalash...but surprise surprise, Its on the top now... Well this place is expensive, stinkingly so, I agree but then its worth the hole in your pocket... With a very apt decor of low rise tables and chairs, with stylish cutlery, yet giving you a very village feel en-excellance' is what Sonargaon signifies...Its delectable food with a soothing ambiance pampers u for choice... I have the toughest time choosing what to order... Its majorly famous also for its non-veg cuisine.
Cuisine type: North West Frontier cuisine (V&N)
My pick: hariyali sabji, Dahi Kebab, and Wakhari Paratha
U go poorer by: 3-course-meal- for- 2 Rs 1700 approx (incl of tax)

#Zaranj / Jongs- J.L.Nehru Road
Probably has been my Fav for the longest period, but very very slowly, I do see a decline in its quality...Though my family still swears by it, and I am yet to not love it anymore... It has the most amazing Dal Bukhara's in the city... Also houses the maker of the awesomest Lachchedaar Paratha's... The entire food is top bracket, which u could get modulated according to your wants of spicy, medium, etc... Very simple ambiance, very simple cutlery, yet elegant..The key to this place is the free-from-clutter environment, the peace and the simplicity, add to that great food and genuine warmth from the staff... It has an oriental cuisine wig also, which again is equally amazing... specially the center of the dining ares have a low seating arrangement... It also houses some nice spirits, though otherwise has the common fare
Cuisine: North west frontier.(V&N)
U go poorer by: 3-C-M-F-2- Rs 1200
My picks: Paneer Tikka, Lachchedaar Paratha, Dal

#Jalapenos- Camac Street
Well its an only vegetarian Italian food restaurant, but trust me it even makes me like pasta's... the decor is very basic, nothing very spectacular, nor is the service very great... But the food makes up for it... Has the most scrumptious Garlic breads, Nachos (its Mexican, still they have it) and Pasta's... but don't go expecting much of a crowd, it caters to families mainly and no alcohol...
Cuisine: Italian
Poorer by: Rs 500 for 2
My pick: Lasagna, Garlic bread and Tiramisu

#Raj: Manohar pukur road
Well I am not sure many of you would like the place after visiting it, because its located in a small hotel, is a Udipi cuisine restaurant, very very basic... But has the most most amazing South Indian... Love love the Sambhar... Its always a wait whenever u go there...
Cuisine: Udipi fare
My pick: Paper plain Dosa, Rawa Dosa and Dancing Coffee.
Pocket friendly: Maximum Rs150 for 2

#Flury's: Park Street
Very Victorian. Very English. That's the first thing that strikes me about this place... It emphasises the indelible mark left on Calcutta by British. It has the old world charm, even with the upmarket renovation, swank interiors yet it still has that old world charm... the nostalgia factor, the mystique, the grandeur of the unknown world.. That's what makes its food so special... entirely famous for Its Milk breads, pastries and Omelette's(never tried it, but who has never keeps shut about it)... U'll love it for its typical English menu... Hey! in the growing trend of theme restaurants, it could qualify as a British Coffee shop!!! :D
Cuisine:British, confectionery(V&N)
My pick: Beans on toast, earl gray tea, chocolate croissant and chocolate pudding...
Price buster: Rs400 for 2

#Peter Cat: Park Street
Again the old world charm, good food, average crowd, but scores high on nostalgia and feel good factor...Stands testimony to why Park Street was so famous...
Cuisine: Indian food (V&N)
My Pick: Well personally I havent been there, but have heard its non-vegetarian delicacies are more famous...
Price buster: Rs 700 for 2

#Chaat outside Vardaan, Camac Street
Well Calcutta is famous for its favourite Puchka's, Jhaal Muri, add to this Garam Dal Vada's served with spicy green chutney and garlic chutney, Moong Dal's Chilla with or without onion, served with the two same chutneys, Yellow beans (Pili matars) Garam Chaat, Its heaven for chaat lovers... The added advantage of shopping and eating is too much :)
My Pick: Garam Vada and Chilla
Price Buster: Chilla is for 20, Garam Vada is Rs 15 a plate containing 5 pieces, Puchka is 4 pc's for 5 rs, Jhaaalmuri is 10 for a packet...

#Puchka and Jhaalmuri At Russel Street
This place is jam packed whenever u go there... My favouritest place for puchka's and Muri, because this place truly has the most amazing ones... One advice stand there and keep trying spicy non-spicy, tamarind water, jaggery water with ur puchka's, u'll know why despite being banned for me, I cant live without them :)
Price Buster: Same as that for Vardaan, the price for puchka is standard in more or less all places...

#Puchka at Hindusthan Park
Well too many suggestion for places for puchka, but this place got the Khaibaar Paas (TOI awards for street food) award... There are many who sit here, but one lady is famous and u'll know who she is when u reach there... But personally I am not very fond of that place

#Bar-B-Q: Park Street
Good Chinese food, Great crowd, ok types ambiance and a regular youngsters joint is what this place is drumming with...
Cuisine: Chinese, Indian
My Pick: Spring Roll, American Corn salt and pepper
Damages: Rs 800 for 2

#Chinnoserie : Taj Bengal
Awesomest authentic Chinese, but low on decor, and price doesnt cover the pleasure like in Sonargaon...
Cuisine: Authentic Oriental
My Pick: Sweet Corn soup, Devils Choice and Dumplings
Poorer by: Rs2000 for two

For authentic Chinese China Town off Tangra is very very famous....

Well too many more places to eat, probably I'll write a second version also!! if ppl think this was decent...;)

Tuesday, January 1

A new Lease of Life

Dear Diary

Its again that time of the year when people prepare to party, when they reflect the year that has been, they sign the best and worst, study movements... Its the favourite time of the year for every eloquent writer. Check any blog, any newspaper, magazine, news channel, radio channel everyone worth their steam or not, they visit the morgue and come out with analysis and dissection of the year that has been... Its also that season when you have a reason to cuddle up to that special person, or cuddle up with a steaming hot chocolate, with a nice book in hand below the covers... Or a long windy drive, catch a strawberry milkshake or that orange kulfi... Its also the year when a part of the wardrobe gets a new lease of life...Its that time of the year when there are no more fights for regulating the A.C temperature with that ever-nagging-forever dissatisfied-stubborn-roommate... Its the time of the year when you are actually overjoyed about a walk in the evening for it feels great to have that cold gush of wind caressing your face, like cooling down all the tumulus thoughts that have been plaguing u. To make you feel that someone somewhere is always with you, you don't walk alone. When you snuggle up further in those jackets of yours, it shows the importance of warmth. The need for having someone close delves deeper than never before...Its the season for sin, seduction, and romance...when passions rule supreme to make that mercury, if not of the thermometer, of the air sizzle and become electric... Its the time when love blooms, alliances are made... The temperament of people are so relaxed and cool, that hardly, hardly any breakups or trouble in paradise are noted in this season...

Its that time of they year when every one is making merry and is high on excitement or sloshed... sloshed with alcahol, or sloshed with the natural intoxication of great food, free spirit and the cool winds of romance...Wherever you go, which ever mood you are in, you will see everybody relaxed, no sarcastic armours, no guards, no reserves...all this courtesy a little drink, a little drama, and a lot of pleasure...

Its also the time of the year when you enjoy FOOD!!!! Those hot grilling paneer tikka's, the various bar-be-q kebabs, the deliciously thick dal, the amazing assortment of vegetables that tantalise your senses as much as they please your taste buds, the plethora of drinks finding another excuse to be enjoyed, Rum Cakes, Chocolate in zillion forms, Strawberry dipped chocolate, Strawberry Shakes, Pies, Bakes,Gajar ka Halwa, Matar ki Kachori, the Ghevars ....what not!!!...Amazingly everyone knows when to have Scotch, Cognac, Vodka, Wine, Whiskey, Beer...Nobody mixes their drinks this time around...

But what actually traps all these flavours are , very obviously, the new years eve, and the new years day itself... A time of revelry, a time of merry making, a time of living for the day, not dwell in the bygones, look forward for that rising sun, bringing up new surging desires, hopes, wants for a better footing and fewer regrets, apprehension of the possibility of loosing what you already have... Rejuvenating after one very tiresome year, to gear and recharge for the coming year. To smell the scent of ecstasy, to smell the blooming blossoms of flowers, the kaleidescope of colours rioting your senses...

Its the time of the year where being single is still not a crime, even though I call it the time for romance... The feeling of freedom, of being at ease, of enjoying the revelry with no-strings-attached, of being you for you, of spending time as you please, of living life king size at half the cost .... Ok! ok! the cost issue was a ncie dig on the expenses a guy foots for the 'maintenance' of his girl... But seriously am happy being single...

This year I enjoyed my time to the fullest, up for grabs is next year!!

Wishing You a Very Very satisfying year Ahead, maybe next time I'll come up with a boring obituary of the past year...