Monday, August 25

Is it you, is it me, is it love (2)

Where is Sam? Why are you alone?

'Sam decided that she didn't want to contribute her two-bit-worth advice in a mens only conversation... So she's looking for a holiday package for all four of us for the new year... My wonderful expensive Sam or rather wonder
fully expensive Sam... ' 'But lets bunk all that and get straight to whats bothering the two of you...'

You know Rishi, I have been thinking since the time she asked me this question, and no not as a joke but seriously, why do I love her? Why do you love Sam, and I Deeps... Why have we never thought about it? Since the time we argued and counterargued that we were NOT in love, the thing that convinced us was what we were feeling at that moment... Like how it felt being with her, like how I'd want to wake up next to her, like how it felt with the warmth of her care and togetherness around me... But never did we give it a thought that why, why is she just the one, why when we played the field no lady was capable of arousing such protective instincts and care as SHE is...

'Well for the simple reason that the chemistry you share with her..........'

(interrupted by Andy)
No Rish, nope, we cannot dismiss it as mere chemistry...

'What is the best thing about Deeps according to your sage brains Mr. thinking-womens-guy...???'

Shut up Moron!!! I don't know... Look can you stop making it difficult and act a little serious...

'Hey hey hey, chill dude! I was trying to buy you time to think... okay lets cut the crap, hit this baby on the highway and lets talk...'

Your baby is so powerful, it gives a man that sense of power to rule or ride the world... Whoooo

'Dude O-U-R our baby, Gawd! Couldn't you just learn a little english!!! Help Him!!!!! And he had a writer as a girlfriend...!!! What will happen when you propose her!'

Cut the drama...

~~I can see it in your eyes I can see it in your smile You're all I've ever wanted, (and) my arms are open wide 'Cause you know just what to say And you know just what to do And I want to tell you so much, I love you ... ~~

Even God has his ways... Trust the disc to start playing at Lionel Richie.... Hey thats it!!!! Thats bloody hell it! (
Screeching of tyres...) I know what attracts me to her...

(quizzicaly eyebrow raised)

You know all through my life I have always had to explain myself to people, why I am doing this, saying that, what is the reason for which I have this stand etc etc, and seldom people have understood me so well... Deeps just reads me like a book... She understands me just bloody so well... When I need someone to ease my troubled mind, she's that fresh lease of air, she completes my sentences, gives words to my expressions and emotions... She understands my need to climb all mountains, ford all streams, safari all jungles till I find that dream, a dream that I want to dream every living moment of mine..

She pays so much attention to every little thing about me, is that she makes me feeel valued, important, as if I have some part in her life...


What and? I guess this is one of the major reasons I like her...

'The other minor ones...?'

Well its not exactly minor, I probably used the wrong term, its the other things I love about her, her ability to communicate with everyone, her never say die-attitude, she even impressed mom for God's sake!!! She has a solution in all the troubled times, she never gets too upset in a crisis and why so? Well because she sees it as a lesson she'll laugh or smile at 5 years down the line...'
She has accepted me just as I am, she doesn't want me to change being me, I drink she doesn't like it, but she'll never say why are you drinking? or don't drink... We lay risky bets where I promise her I'll do whatever she says, she wins all the times, yet she never asks me not to do, or to do something, because she respects the individual in me...

'Andy if you don't mind shall I say something...?'

Andy!!!?you never call me that!!! Whats troubling you, sure I need you, you know that...

'Do you jst like her for what she does for you? She understands you, is a reason to love her, but is it just the reason? Sam and I understand you better than anyone else, Ria your last girlfriend had the real zest for life, your mom was impressed with her because her cooking made auntie her fan.... but the point you are missing here is that these are the things she brings positives or highlight of Deeps's persona... Dont you just love anything about her? Isn't there anything in her that you have never found in somebody?'

You know Rish I respect what you said... but now I am even more confused... (after an extremely long pause...)

'Buddy think about what she brings into your life, and why she brings them, how she brings them...'

'You know what I love about her is just her... Her deep sense of reception and introception, she understands the complex emotions so well... I love her for gentle soul and nourishing heart... She is worldwise yet she's not a cynic, she's an individual whose not dependent on me... She needs you, but she can live on her own... She's the confidante for any person...

She's the sunshine in your life yaar...' says Rish

'She admires the person in you, respects you for your sense of righteousness... stands by your good and bad decisions, cause she knows you deal every situation in the best way you can, she trusts you for that... And that's the best part of being Deeps; her simplicity and her strength...'

~~ Lonely rivers flow to the sea,to the sea 
to the open arms of the sea
lonely rivers sigh 'wait for me, wait for me' 
I'll be coming home wait for me ~~

I really do Love her you know... Every time our eyes meet, that feeling inside me, is something more than I can take, I don't know what she does, how she does, but spending each day with her makes it getting better...

'smiling all the way' 'you really do, and lets get you home so that she knows now... Why :) '

part 2 ends


Tuesday, August 19

Is it you, is it me, is it love?

“Sometimes I sit and wonder why do you love me? What is it that you like about me?”

Huh!!!! What?

“No really, why do you say that you like me, that I am the one, that I brighten up your day, I am the sun in your sky, why do you think we are perfect for each other, we complete each other…??”

What!!!! What are you thinking? Why are you thinking this? Why this question all of a sudden? Baby is something wrong? Did I hurt you? Is something bothering you…?

“No Andy just a passing thought, it just came aise hi, no preamble, no reason, no occasion, just wanted to know… Why the surprise? ‘’

Dear, I am still reeling under the full import of your question, its like confusing me and freaking me out in a weird way, I think something is wrong…

“Come on Andy, you Andrea should know by now that I have things on my mind, I don’t cloak them and say, I express them as they are…”

Hmmm… Why do I like you and only you, why are you the most important person in my life? Why is it that I want to share every little little things and events with you, Why do I get insecure without you? All these are trick questions, give me time to answer… I have never thought about it… I need time sweets, but am sure of one thing that I love you, for today and ever and ever…

“You think of a reason while I go make cheese popcorn and nacho’s along with cold coffee, till then you be ready… Till then dear…” grinning!!!

Women!!! God! Why did you make them so?I mean here we were sitting an enjoying a quiet evening together after ages, trying to discover more of(Ahemm!! )…about each other when what does it strike her? Lets play “who wants to e a millionaire!!!” Who wants to be a millionaire?? Oh dear God, the chances of you knowing the ever so temptin million dollar questions answer is negligible, and your life lines wont work as well..!!! Well let me try to use one atleast ‘Call a friend’…

(Phone rings) ‘Hey man! Wats up? Enjoying a lazy Sunday!!!???’

Sunday my foot yaar, I need your help, big time!!!

‘Slow down dude slow down, explain me the mess you have gotten into… What happened with Deeps now?’

Dude!! How’d you guess its her?

‘I am not single either, and ou were sounding deperate, its only when it’s a car trouble, you run out of your scotch or H-E-R, since you won’t be driving now, and we bought Scothch esterday, so its h-e-r. Tell me dude, you must be on the timer!!!’

What do I like about her? Why did I fall in love with her?

‘Oh Man! You are really caught in a web!!! Seriously man, never love intelligent females they’ll take you for six!!!’

No yaar, seriously, this has even got me thinking, why do I like her, why is it that I turn for comfort and its only with her do I find it? Why did I pursue her?

‘Want to go for a drive and talk it out? Before you say, No Sam won’t mind, and No I’d rather not spend an evening with her rather than you, plus I could bring her along, women understand emotions better… Want to come along with Deeps or alone?’

Alone, definitely, and bring Sam along, she’s the brains, let me check with Deeps whether she could spare me… I’ll message you if she does, and your car by the way, riding that Jag of yours inspires me…

‘Sure but you buy the Scotch… Ahhh I mean the Juices this is my non-alcoholic beverage weekend. Ok Till then, buddy, and don’t fret alone…

(keeps the phone down and goes looking for Deeps)

Deeps, Honey do you mind if I go out with Rishi and Sam….? No on second thoughts ill you come along with us…?

‘Now!!!!? On Sunday?!!!? All ok? Sure you go ahead, nah I wont join you, will do a little bit of catching up on my blog, you go and have fun, and don’t worry about our conversation, we’ll have it sometime later…’

You sure you don’t want to come along? You sure you don’t mind?

‘Dear if I did, I would tell you… Go and have fun, but remember this is a dry weekend!!!’

Yeah yeah I remember… Bie Dear… Take Care, Call if u need something… (drat it had to be a dry weekend, now there is no scotch or cognac to bolster my thoughts!!! Muttered Andy…)

Part 1 ends…