Wednesday, December 5


Tagged by Bhavesh

I am thinking about: That I think too much, and thinking is a waste of time, so I am thinking that I should stop thinking…

I said: Everybody loves u, just the way they know how to love, not the way u expect them too…

I want to: Be on a waterside, with cool breeze, beach and a small hill to climb…

I wish: That I was a shade of goodness, as some people perceive me to be ..( sachchi, promise)

I regret: Having no regrets in life… I wouldn’t have done anything I haven’t, or change anything I have

I hear: Silence drumming, my own heartbeats, and the click clack of my keyboard…( my a.c is actually noiseless!!! Wow!) oh and now ma yelling to have breakfast (sheesh! Just my life) :D

I am: A glass of wine…

I dance: Well I am rolling with laughter at the mere thought of my dancing

I sing : the songs of bravery for those who can manage this Herculean task!!!

I cry: Alone.

I am not: What u think I am

I write: to reach out...( to whom I don’t know)

I confuse: Patience with hard work

I need: Togetherness

I tag Nobody…some lessons learnt the hard way are not forgotten

Sunday, December 2

Embers of Smile

It began with a whisper
But grew and grew
Until I felt certain
The source must be you
Why did you smile
While I listened and then
Turn away as their faces

What had you told them
That slammed shut their looks
Like end of a lesson
With unpopular books?
What was the writing
Which I couldn't see
As it hid between the covers and

Nothing much could have happened
For by the next day
We were laughing and chatting
And managed to stay
Well after a fashion
Good friends for a while
But always between us
The Ghost of that