Friday, June 1

By best buddies :)

OK this is long long overdue.... My tributes to my close friends, I dont name them, but am sure they can figure themselves out... lol am not gonna just praise them, I promise :D

The Chocolate: This person is a true chocolate, smooth, addictive, sweet, velvety... is a superb listener but a very bad adviser....u share ur problems and this person after ur finishing will try to change the topic to such silly things in attempt to make u smile :)...but if this person thinks its worth its salt then, this person would give u advice...but never discuss it... Well a real real mature person whose too scared of getting too old... Is a delight to be caring so patient that u'll end up thinking whether its real or u are dreaming...knows a real great deal about me...

The Fragrance: it stays, it fills u with a sweet smell and keeps u fresh...its classy stylish... once U have this person it'll stick no going anywhere... but like all things this person is not expressive...u won't know where u stand with it...or where this person stand with u... But one day without talking to this person is impossible....inevitable... A supremely
great adviser with great discussion skills, but weaker listening skills...the reason I guess is because it won't stand u being upset ... If it could, it'd move hell and heaven to make u happy... The only person who can argue with me and make me say i give up... Very's voice is a mirror of its feelings...probably knows the most about me

The Book: u have to read between lines to understand this introvert to the core, its suave and cool, but once u start talking unbends towards the end.... Again an awesome listener and by far the bestest adviser i have known...God so patient so calm that it makes my tantrums seem like none at all!!!!! but very very under-confident of itself...never would share himself till u use emotional blackmailing...Again not expressive at all, but there 24/7...but its priorities are set...very impulsive...knows me a lot but understands me more....really sweet and always tries to change my stubborn view about something

The Toy: Is adorable, a real baby, immature, sensitive handle with care....demands ur attention patience and time...but is damn sweet....understanding on a different level...a restricted thought process...u can't change her rigid beliefs...but caring, compassionate, honest critic...we've been childhood buddies so know what to expect no ego hassles nothing... a little competitive she is, but now its acceptable

The wonder: Am amazed we gossip about everything, talk about everything, shares its problems and everything but i had never even thought about sharing...Recently I got myself in a stupid muddle...and to my amazement this person was there to solve it in a jiffy with ease no questions asked, no issues just support!!!! am so surprised till now that i cant even some the thing...but one thing for sure a die-hard flirt and one of the best cupids and dil-ka-docs available!!!!

So my closest friends who happen to make me feel luckiest of all Thanks for being there


Voice said...

no comments :O

where r choclate, fragnance, book, toy and the wonder

good idea.. dedicating a post to ur best buddies
btw i know who is d book [:P]

Deepshikha Saraf said...

they are here only just hiding...ready to pounce any moment...some are too embarrassed to comment....they think have over-praised them :D

Book well he thinks he has been unduly praised (god knows where the praise was) so he is too embarrassed and shy to comment :) how did u geuss him?

Wonder- (yashu) said...

I am not too embarrassed to comment, just don't know what to say!! u were so hones

Ok my dear thanks for trusting me happy??

abhishek said...

Reading a "book" is so boring...

Voice said...

main bhi yahi soch raha hu
where was the praise for the BOOK atleast :P

Deepshikha Saraf said...

aapne book ko pehchana kaise?? :D

btw mera tag wala post likhiye pls...not done :) u cant be dat lazy...:)