Monday, April 25

How Cool is being Cool?

This summer day, I was working on my laptop, in an open plan courtyard, with  the courtyard being huge, complete with a garden right at it's center, there was too much of place for him to come and sit. But he chose to come and sit right opposite my makeshift table. He kept his paraphernalia- a hovercraft remote (am not kidding, right in the middle of the desert he had one), his iphone 6S, iphone 4- (correct two iphones), and a small pen drive. with real swag he took out his Lenovo Yoga, and opened it as I had it on.

I didn't give much notice, and I continued my blissful work. I only noticed him when he tried to make accidental small talk, or accidental brushes, I looked at him to realise he was all of 12, maximum 13 year old. I was stunned to realise he was checking me out!!! I mean obviously at that too. I didn't react much more than a roll of eye. I was actually that work logged. 

But it was not meant to be. I didn't realise I picked up his iphone instead of mine. Yes me too have ONE iphone- a 4 one :D I was astonished, my pic was his dp, ALREADY!

I checked his gallery, this boy had porn stashed away. I checked his hike and I realised he wasn't that sure about what he was doing, he was just being COOL.

I had a brainwave, just had a video stashed somewhere in my original iphone. I put his down, switched mine on and gave it to him. He like a love sick puppy took it :P But then was oo la la, his face was myriad of expressions/emotions. The range of which made me think he could just be an actor someday, but coming back, I replayed it for him 4 times. The fourth ended abruptly, because my iphone was crashed to the floor by this boy. 

He gathered his office from my desk and went to one of the rooms at my hotel. I mourned the demise of my phone and got back to work with a broken and somewhat stunned heart.

3 hours later, his dad approached me, he offered to pay for my broken phone, I told him money couldn't solve the problem, he was already paying me the room rent of the hotel, I didn't need it.

He looked at me and said, "I don't know how to thank you, I am not an expressive man, I am a busy man, money talks for me. My son told me what happened, I saw his pictures of different moods of you on his phone, he told me about his porn stash, his hip flash and his plans to try weed tonight. He said he was told that it made him cool and accepted, that he didn't want people not to notice him, like I didn't have time for him, he was bored. 
He hated the porn, but watched it to be accepted. Alcohol made him sick. He did it for friends. He thought you were cool, working on a laptop, calling up ten people, everyone knowing you here, you talking to even the staff, he thought you did these things, he wanted to approach you to try weed with him tonight. The video from you shook him up. Thank You."

I just told him don't thank me, I'll give you a twitter handle thank him, he gave me the video. He refused saying it was me. But I still maintain it was this video sent to me by @JerozNishanth

So I guess, this video was the hero for the day!

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