Tuesday, June 5


Well I wanted to write a post, but am suffering from a block...Unfinished drafts, stories and words... But still wanted to write something...so let me complete post a 'complete-it-forward' as a tag...:)

One thing about the person who sent u this: Well she knows am useless so she tries to get even, but Babes remember 'It isn't your fault, I just said I am going to blame you ;).

One thing U hate in urself: Am perfect , and perfection cannot be improved :D

Two things u'd do by ur next birthday: NOoooo my birthday is coming, so it'd be complete a book, and spend one day without yapping.

Two things u want to have been changed by ur birthday: can i push my birthday a little away?!? my block and my talkathon habit..

Three things u could say to the kid who worships u:
1) Be ur own self, everyone else is taken
2) Always listen to other people first
3) I am a friend, not a God don't worship me, walk with me am not leading u

Three things for your soul:
1) am not as bad as I think I am.
2) come on learn not to get depressed so easily
3) SHUT UP!!!!!

Four things for an Ideal lover/husband/boy friend:
Intelligent - most primary
2) Caring- a rare specie
3) Understanding- am blessed with friends of this kind, but ur partner also has to be so
4) Attitude- can't tolerate someone without loads of attitude

Four things that u have and will give me: Babes u r far more gifted than me!!! anyhows
1) My watch collection- admit it, mine is rocking!!
2) My brains- u have a dearth of that ;)
3) My Ability to talk a mile a minute
4) My book addiction

Five things u hate in others:
1) Arrogance
2) Superiority complex
3) Insecurity
4) Bad memory about people/relations
5) Misunderstanding people

Five things u r scared of :
1) Insects eeks
2) loosing my loved ones
3) Being misinterpreted
4) being angry

Six under known facts about u:
1) am a truly perfect bluffer... I can lie straight faced
2) am a great cook, even though i say it
3) I can spend hours without yapping
4) I am a die hard traditionalist
5) I am a arrogant head strong and short tempered person
6) I am the laziest person on planet earth

Six things u want the world to say about u:
1) she can talk, but not nonsense
2) she's really caring
3) awesome taste !!!
4) she has class friends (people do say it ;) )
5) ok so she's not a flirt
6) I Like Her (lol)

People I forward this too (ok tag here)
Abi (rolu polu)
Voice (Bhav)

am sure no one would write it :)


Ateet said...

Darling I cannot write, will never start a blog so no Tagging business with me!!!! I will mail u my answers

Voice said...

>>3) SHUT UP!!!!!

:)). i think it comes naturally to all girls :)

>>5) MYSELF;)

again :))

>>6) I am the laziest person on planet earth

u have lots of competition. u stand nowhere :P

>>am sure no one would write it :)

u sure? :O

Deepshikha Saraf said...

So u prove me wrong by writing it :)

Well this girl talks too muchhhh

Trust me u havent seen my laziness!!!

so when do i expect ur post?? :)

Abhishek said...

i will try my best to write.. waise i dont write anything unless otherwise forced to do so.:D

abt laziness.. u people r so lazy.:P

Voice said...

>>so when do i expect ur post?? :)

what to say.. i m lazy :P

abhishek said...

main iss baat ka pura aaswasan deta hoon ki main jald se jald blog likhoonga...:D

i didnt say anything..u people claim tht ur lazy.

Anonymous said...

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